'One Person Queue' - Timeline
August 1 1976

Ross completes the final session for his 4th album,
"Smiling For The Camera".

August 2 1976
Begins preliminary outline for a projected new album.

1977 - Sydney Australia

Bio excerpt:
"The School Of Ross"
Ross records 14 tracks in one intense 20 hour session with the cream of Sydney's session players.
Ross begins album
The Songs
Becomes the Difficult 5th Album after Ross, on his way home, leaves the master tapes on the train. Surfaces many years later as an Albanian "Cat Stevens" bootleg. The album, "Kitty Litter", surprisingly sells rather well.

1978- 1989


For the next decade Ross experiments with various musical styles, locations and personal relationships. Many of these songs and personnel will continue to haunt him in future years.

In 1984 the album "I Shaved Off My Beard & No One's Noticed" is, at the last moment, withdrawn from release after a former 'girlfriend' threatens to take legal action after she learns that none of the songs are about her.


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1989 - 1992 - Tijuana Mexico

An era shrouded in mystery. Ross relocates to Mexico, changes his name to Jose and forms the highly successful Cabollos Gringos - one of Mexico's most popular and respected bands. With the group at the peak of their powers, Jose - or Ross as he was about to once again become - abruptly returns to Melbourne Australia.

He has never since spoken about this period of his life.


1993 - Ross Loses Coathanger

Upon his return from overseas, Ross is informed by his board of directors that Coathanger has been 'absorbed' as part of a hostile, job-lot-take-over of miscellaneous businesses by De Klein Inc - an Italian automotive spare parts conglomerate.

Ross slides into one of his not so irregular slumps. However, writes a couple of pretty good songs so overall a positive move.

1994 - Ross returns to album project
Having lost his label, royalties, publishing, studio, name and likeness to DeKlein Inc - Ross is notified that he is contractually obligated to have a new studio album ready for release by the end of 2002. The creative process now begins in earnest.
1994 - 2002

Faced with a punishing deadline, Ross, during this period, writes and records over 200 tracks. Not surprisingly, seeing as almost all of the songs are critical of the automotive spare parts industry and organised crime, they are rejected by Coathanger as being 'uncommercial'.

December 31 2002 - Ross delivers album

By the time 'Chase The Ghosts Away (and 9 other Great Songs of Embittered Disillusionment)' is delivered to Coathanger management in the dying moments of 2002, it becomes apparent that Ross's mental instability is affecting his work. Describing the album as 'unlistenable', CEO Al DeKlein makes one of his few humanitarian decisions and blocks its release.

Ross is then instructed to cheer up.

January 1 2003

Ross is admitted into the Sonja McMahon Clinic where over the next 9 months he undergoes shock therapy, plastic surgery and orthodontic adjustment.

Meanwhile, Coathanger controversially hires legendary English record producer Phil Slaughter to piece together an album from 30 years of unreleased RR recordings and out takes.

Ross recovering
at SMC

September 2003

Coathanger prepares to release the Slaughter compiled album, 'Ross Ryan - Naked'. At the same time, years of internal corporate communication problems come to a head and most of Coathanger's staff resign or are posted to Easter Island.

Meanwhile, Ross is discharged from hospital - hears the new album - hates it - then refuses to pose nude for the cover - thus blocking its release. Some staff return.

October 14 2003

Finally the bloody penny drops. Months of therapy and years of depression are rewarded as Ross wakes up on this morning with 10 fully developed new songs in his head. After a flurry of pre-dawn phone calls, a group of musicians assemble at GI Recorders and within 12 hours the album 'One Person Queue' is recorded and mixed.

October 28 2003

'One Person Queue', Ross first studio album in decades, is officially released.

Ross excitedly starts making plans for an extended sabatical only to be informed by Coathanger that he has already been booked in for a lengthy series of Chinese promotional appearances and gigs with Mark Holden.

Ross is re-admitted to Sonja McMahon Clinic.


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