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The Difficult Third Compilation

After taking almost longer to assemble than it did to record the orginal tracks, Coathanger is pleased to announce the release of the first new Ross Ryan compilation of the new millenium!

'The Difficult Third Compilation' features 19 songs from Ross's ever expansive musical career, including two never before released tracks: the recently recorded single 'Queensland' and from the archives - the indecorously charming 'Connie'.

But there's more!

** Special Bonus 'STUFF' CD **
For a limited time and exclusively through Coathanger Merchandising, each purchase of the 'Difficult Third Compilation' will also come with a bonus 'Stuff' CD - a selection of rare singles, demos, live tracks and silliness; dating as far back as Ross's high school days.

One Person Queue

Over 10 years in the making (there were lots of distractions), 'One Person Queue' is Ross's most recent release and is considered by many as probably his finest and most consistent album to date.

 Now also available on iTunes

My Name Means Horse
(Now back in stock)

In response to popular demand and by the grace of EMI - Coathanger & Aztec Music are at last thrilled to announce that Ross's triple gold King of Pop award winning album - the classic 'My Name Means Horse' - is now available on CD.

Aztec's lavish reissue of the 'Horse' album is presented in a 6 panel 'digi-pak' (a dip of the lid to the original LP's triple-fold cover) and includes a 24 page booklet of rare photos with liner notes by Ted Lethborg.

Originally produced by Peter Dawkins; arranged by Peter Martin and engineered by Martin Benge, the CD has been digitally remastered by Aztec's Gil Matthews and features 2 bonus tracks:

‘I Am Pegasus' (acoustic version) - live from the ABC-TV rock program GTK (Get To Know) 1973; and ‘Blood On The Microphone' (dubbed by Lethborg as the Pina Colada version) - produced by Stewart D'Arrietta 1985.



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