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Ross was born on the 13th December 1950 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas USA. From his American father he inherited a dry sense of humour, and from his Australian mother a future in the land of Oz. After a childhood of bustling populations, shopping malls and white Christmases, Ross was nine when the family moved to Australia and eventually to a farm in Albany, Western Australia. For an intelligent and articulate young man with an a natural aversion to fresh air and sunshine, being on a 3000 acre sheep farm was quite a culture shock. It was soon apparent to him that sheep were probably the least intellectually stimulating company he could hope to be amongst. But thanks to the radio, the Beatles and Bob Dylan, sanity was maintained and a dream for the future was born.


Towards the end of 1977, EMI released a 'Best of ...' album with a cover and title reflecting Ross's sense of humour: "I Thought This Might Happen 1973-77". This marked the end of the EMI years and the start of the next phase of Ross Ryan's extraordinary eclectic career.


Live performances so far had been largely solo affairs and now Ross looked to extending his musical palette. Over the next few years he alternated solo tours with a series of hand picked touring bands. To keep this idea fresh, each time he embarked on a major tour Ross would rename the band (Cahoots, The Ross Ryan Brothers, The Redeemers, Ross Ryan's Tonight Show etc) and re-form a new line-up from amongst the best musicians in the country. Some of the players who performed with Ross over this period, included Eric McCusker (Mondo Rock), Ralph Cooper (Air Supply), Nigel Macara (Tamam Shud/Ariel), Toivo Pilt (Sebastian Hardy/Windchase), Peter Gifford (Midnight Oil), and Tony Slavich (Ariel / Richard Clapton Band). One member, talented guitarist Broc O'Connor, appeared in most of these line-ups and continued on with Ross as the Rambling Duo Brothers.

Always looking for fresh ideas as an artist, Ross wrote and presented a one-man audio visual show entitled "Sing The One About The Horse". This quasi-autobiographical story was embellished with new songs, old faves, a plot, comedy, slides and pre-recorded tapes. As well as touring, this show was successfully presented as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Also around about this time he landed the support spot for Van Morrison's Australian Tour.

Of course for Ross, change is a constant, and this phase ended with a move of base from Sydney to God's own city - Melbourne.

The Lemmings - Mark Holden, RR, Paul Sullivan & Mike Meade


Ross had started in the industry with the intention of producing records. By establishing G.I. Recorders with Broc O'Connor, he was now able to indulge this passion. In the additional role of engineer, Ross began producing material for both new and well-established acts in a range of musical styles including Blues with Spectrum ("Spill"), Country with Paul Wookey , traditional Irish with The Wren Boys, spiritual rock'n'roll with long-time pal Mike Meade ("Avatar") and the award winning country album "Only Burning Me" by Dale Juner. During this period he also worked as sound designer for the Playbox Theatre's production of "Rising Fish Prayer".

NEW ALBUM - 'One Person Queue'

One Person QueuePromised since 1979 - a new album - 'One Person Queue' - was released in October 2003. Produced by Ross and fellow engineer James Feldman at Ross's studio, G.I. Recorders, - '1PQ' is considered by many as his most consistent release to date. Sales were pleasing and the radio friendly single, "Cool River", received good airplay, as did the included video clip. Much of Ross's current live show features songs from this album.
Don Burke, RR & Mark Holden
  Ross and Mark had earlier appeared together as celebrity gardeners in a duly celebrated 'Burke's Backyard' television episode. Ross then turned up as a guest, along with such luminaries as David Hasslehoff, when Mark was inducted into channel 7's 'This Is Your Life'. Ross also guested on Mark's excellent DVD 'Live at the George Ballroom'.

UPDATE: 2014

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